My First Post!!

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to step in and take a look what my new blog is all about! First things first:  I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce myself for those who I don’t know!

I am a mid-thirties mama of a crazy, but adorable four-year-old boy, Charlie, my ‘little love muffin’ sixteen-month-old Henry and wife to my rock and  best friend, Matt.  We met and fell in love while living in Chicago, but after the birth of Charlie, we made the move back to Metro Detroit where we both grew up. Here we had Henry and are getting ready for a couple of exciting thing in 2017.


First, we are pregnant with a…….GIRL!!! Holy smokes! I cannot believe it! I just assumed I was meant to be a boy-mom.  I have grown a deep love for monster trucks and fart jokes, but cannot wait for all of the pink, sparkles and bows that are on the horizon. She will make her arrival right around Easter.


Second, we are just starting the journey of building our dream home.  We absolutley LOVE our current home (1924 rehabbed white Dutch Colonial), but are growing out of it quickly.  So, after searching casually for about a year, we saw a model home a few months ago and fell head over heals.  I am a bit of a control freak (this might not suprise some people) and I could not find exactly what we wanted in our price range…..this was the perfect solution. As Matt has said to me…..I won’t be happy unless it is exactly the way I want it.  Now it can be!


So, this blog will be able to chronicle many of my favorite things and things that are a huge part of my life.  Decorating, DIY, Cooking, and most importantly my life as a wife, stay at home mama, aspiring fitness freak, pretend wine and coffee conissour and dedicated friend.

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