Breezeway Refresh

After our we made the decision to build a house, we then came the realization that our current home needed a bit of work before we put it up for sale.  Those little things that you don’t like just become invisible after staring at it every single day our lives.  The obvious start: Our boring breezeway.

Many, many moons ago a previous owner decided to enclose the entrance from our kitchen to the garage.  In theory it was a great choice.  Extra storage is always a plus.  But, my vision of a cute little nook for us to keep our jackets, shoes and umbrellas quickly turned into a dumping ground.  Kings sized package of toilet paper from Costco that does not have a home? Throw it in the breezeway! Two months worth of empty cans waiting to be recycled? There is PLEANTY of room in the breezeway!

So this was it.  I was going to make it cute right before we sell our home (that’s what always happens, right)?

Yawn. This is our breezeway that we have looked at every day since we moved it.

Matt and I decided we didn’t want to spend a ton of money, but it needed some work.  So, first thing first.  The floors.  At first, we were going to have pergo hardwood floors installed.  But, our handyman confirmed that the floors were very uneven concrete.  So, we would have to use something that had a little ‘give’ to it.  He suggested laminate! (My first thought was EWWWWW.  I pictured ugly eighties bathroom floors).  But, laminate has come a long way!  Together we picked out a pretty light colored self-adhesive tile.

Then, I wanted cubbies to put our stuff in, but was not going to dole out the cash for custom lockers.  I found the perfect substitution on wayfair.

Then came the ‘cute’ part.  Indoor/outdoor carpet? Check.  Pillows and accessories? Check.  I also painted a old canvas painting with blackboard chalk and the frame a bright yellow for quick messages.

It came out bright and cheery like I had wanted!


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