DIY Poinsettia Centerpiece

I love Christmas.  If I could, I’d start celebrating in October.  But, Thanksgiving wont allow that.  So, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving we put up the tree and start the festivities.  How can you not be happy with all of the music, decorations and treats around?

This year I wanted to add some fresh florals to my decor.  But, didn’t want to spend a ton of money (story of my life).  I found some cute little poinsettias at Home Depot and remembered I had some pine branches on the back deck from when we put the tree up a few days ago.

I figured I could put something cute together! I found a small, rustic looking wooden crate from the craft store and was ready to go!

This was as simple as simple could get.  First, to get the poinsettias at the right height, I put some empty Tupperware in the bottom of the crate.  I cut smaller branch pieces about 6-8 inches long.

I arranged the branches in a fan like design around the poinsettias until it looked full enough.  Any branches that stuck out I simply snipped them.

And, voila! A fresh, festive centerpiece that will last through out the season…..made for under $20 and in 15 minutes!

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