Bumpdate: 19 Weeks!

I can finally feel kicks! I thought being this is my third pregnancy I would feel the kicks early….but no! I just started feeling them in the past few days.  Honestly, I don’t think there is a better feeling.


FEELING: Great! I am still working out several times a week.  I have totally cut out running……that does not make me feel great.  I am walking on a high incline which is great cardio and still lifting weights!

CRAVINGS AND AVERSIONS: Still not interested in chicken and coffee.  Coffee kind of makes me sad.  I LOVE coffee….but baby girl does not want it.


BUMP: Here she is!!! She is going to be growing fast now! Almost the size of a banana.

GENERAL THOUGHTS: We had our anatomy scan this morning.  I feel so blessed to be growing a HEALTHY little girl.  I’ve seen these scans before with my boys….but it never gets old.  Watching her move around.  We even saw her sucking her thumb!! Almost half way there!

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