I love Santa, but my child does not. 

I’ve always envisioned my children gathering around Santa Clause laughing and smiling with starry eyes. Wondering and hoping that they were good enough this year to get what was on their list.

I remember fondly from my childhood reading The Night Before Christmas and savoring every word. Can you imagine?!? Someone catching Santa in the act? Seeing him take off in his sled with all of his reindeer? Magical.

Not to Charlie.  At four-and-a-half years old he wants none of it. Although he does believe in Santa- he wants nothing to do with him. In the past month every time I’ve mentioned that we were going to see Santa soon he just shakes his head.

“That’s okay mama. We can just email him my list. I don’t need to see him.”  Hmmmm. And, of course I would just brush it off and say something like:”Of course you want to tell him what you want! You better be good!”

My happy boy before we left to see Santa.

I needed (desperately wanted) that magic picture. Him and the baby perched in their perfectly coordinating outfits grinning from ear to ear. It’s taken me a month to secure these outfits. I’m not kidding. I was an obsessed woman. I had a vision and I was determined to get that perfect Facebook moment!

So the day comes. I bribed Charlie that there would be pancakes after if he dressed in THE outfit. We got to our venue and waited in line. Our turn came. After  A LOT of cajoling and bribery we kind of got a picture with him and Santa…..and me and my husband sitting on Santa’s lap. Not what I thought was going to happen, but at least I got it!


After we got home and were taking some quiet time, I came the realization that I might not be getting anymore pictures of him and Santa.  And I was okay with that. Lets be honest…..all of their lives we drill into their heads to stay away from strangers. But, one moment every year, we use this man as a tool to control our kids behavior. Oh, sure….usually don’t go talk to strangers…..but that man in the velvet suit and long white beard? Go ahead! If my child still has an apprehension to SIT ON A STRANGER’S LAP…..I’m not going to push it anymore.

I LOVE the magic of the season, but going against Charlie’s (correct) instincts are something I’ll let go.  I think he also believes in the magic of Santa and Christmas, but from afar.  And, I’m okay with that.

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