Winter Maternity Must Haves

My first two babies were summer babies.  So, my maternity clothes were basically a few summer dresses….this time around I am getting into the thick of things right in the middle of the winter! Baby girl is due around Easter.  Just another excuse to shop, right? Kind of.  Maternity shopping can be stressful and often and an expensive endeavor when you will only be wearing the pieces for a few months.

I have found that getting several basic pieces can go far with the addition of what is already in your closet! Open sweaters, cardigans, scarves, athletic wear (i.e. stretchy clothes) and accessories can really take your maternity wardrobe from BORING and basic to well…….more like you! Interesting and fashionable without breaking the bank.  Here are a few pieces that I have LIVED in so far.

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I live in these.  I have several pairs of these Rosie Pope leggings. They have become my go to.  Like almost EVERYDAY.  They are not too thin (especially for the cold winter months). But are super soft and stretchy.

Maternity Jeans

These are also a must-have.  Get a style or two of jeans you like and feel good in! These are from Pea in the Pod and again are pretty soft.  They also have the ‘secret belly’ panel.  I am partial to that type of maternity jeans.  I like the support and coverage in them. Aaaannnnddd…..they are easy on the pocket book!

Layering Camis

In colder months, I often put a cami on and layer it with a open (non maternity) sweater or hoodie.  Finding basic black and white ones that are long enough are sometimes a challenge.  These Ingrid & Isabel ones are smooth and don’t pile and will keep their shape after a several washes.

Stretchy Long Sleeve Tops

The name of the game is layering in the winter! Stretchy long sleeve tops will go from the fall through the spring (and grow with you too)! Get several in different colors and styles so you don’t get bored.  I like the ease and versatility of this Jessica Simpson style.


Go-To Dress

When leggings and jeans wont work, do yourself a favor and get a simple dress that you can change the look with different jewelry and accessories.  This one is from Ingrid & Isabel and comes in several different colors.  I’m a big fan of this dress, because it is pretty flattering even for post-baby wear.

Date Night Shirt

Just because you can’t drink martinis, does not mean you can’t get dressed up for a night on the town with your husband or girlfriends.  Invest in one or two fun shirts that make you feel cute!


And, here are a few items that I personally think are a waste of money:

  • Maternity underwear.  They have just never seemed necessary to me! My regular ones worked just fine.
  • Winter maternity jacket.  My current jacket still fits me and actually looks kind of cute when I add a belt to it! If I get to a point where I can’t zip it, and am freezing, I might change my mind….but I am just going from the car into a building.  It’s not like I’m going skiing this winter.
  • Maternity cardigans.  I will never understand why they sell MATERNITY open sweaters……it just does not make sense!!

What are your favorite ‘basic’ maternity must-haves?

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14 thoughts on “Winter Maternity Must Haves

  1. I was pregnant with my last over the winter months (September-April). LOVE this list!! Layering camis were a great addition to my wardrobe because it kept me warm and my belly didn’t hang out from under my regular shirts 🙂

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  2. I only wore jeans with my first because I worked and I swear they made me more uncomfortable, lol. I lived in camis and yoga pants with my second and I was so much more happier/comfortable.

    I did get maternity underwear as a splurge with my first and still wear the pairs I got. I agree, it’s probably not something that’s necessary, but I felt they fit a bit better when I was at my biggest.

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  3. I too was pregnant during the wintertime. I was so grateful to miss the sweltering heat of summer. I couldn’t agree more with your list, jeans, leggings, camis were the best. We have cold winters and lots of time spent outdoors so I did invest in a nice winter coat.


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