Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

I mentioned that two really exciting things are happening to my family this year…..we are in the process of building a house and after having two boys we are welcoming a little girl into our world this spring!!!

I am over the moon happy! And the type A personality in me wants to starts planning and getting her nursery ready….but right now our house is bursting at the seams! She will only live here the first few months of her life (probably next to our bed).  So, I won’t set up the nursery until we move.

This is killing me!

When my second, Henry was born, I think I had his nursery set and finished when I was 28 weeks (I’m 26 weeks right now). So, I think I need to gather my thoughts….and probably start ordering stuff so I can make it a priority once we move.

I’ll be honest, I’m overwhelmed.  I like pink, but don’ t want to have her room look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded in….I am thinking wallpaper this time.  Florals, pinks, beiges and golds…..

{This post does include SOME affiliate links, but these are all MY opinions and I am sharing the LOVE I have for these pieces}


How cute is this! I can totally see me using this wallpaper print in her room. It is so cute and delicate.It isn’t too pink, which I wanted to avoid, but super delicate and girly.  I think it is a print that can grow with my her from a baby into a young girl and beyond.



I have had a slight (major)  obsession with Jenny Lind when I first got pregnant with my first baby….but then found out it was a boy! So, I never got around to buying this crib! I hope this time I can make it happen.  I LOVE everything about the old fashion look, but it comes with the modern conveniences (and safety) aspects new modern gear.

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, White


I have this one already in Henry’s room.  This shelving piece has taken a beating and still is standing up pretty well.  I like how you can just throw all of the toys in the bin to clean up quickly. I will be moving this one to the baby girl’s room.



Lighting is so important.  And, I love this whimsical floor lamp.  I don’t want anything too heavy looking in the room.  This seems to keep everything light and airy.



In all of my kids nursery’s I have started their decor with their name.  Pretty basic, right? But, I always like to personalize it.  While we don’t have a name set (just yet….stay tuned)! These letters are an adorable font style!

I know that this is just the start….but I am in LOVE with the wallpaper….everything will just have to match it.  What else would look good in her room?
The safest way to swaddle

Gymboree Sale On Now!

16 thoughts on “Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

  1. Love the storage chest and the wallpaper! It’s going to be so pretty and the perfect place to rock your baby girl to sleep!


  2. I love that wallpaper! Are you going to do the whole room? I think it would look awesome as an accent wall, with the walls painted in a hue to match the wallpaper. 🙂

    I think you need a cute mobile! I did this one for my little girl ( I picked my own colors)

    Also this one is really cute –

    Can’t wait to see what your nursery will look like! And hope the rest of your pregnancy goes easy. 😉


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