What I’m Loving

Over the past few weeks I have been really working on making the living room warm and cozy.  That included giving up on my dreams of an all white home. At first, when we moved in I was set on having a crisp, white home.  I loved the mostly white homes I had been seeing lately in magazines, but in real life, it just did not make sense.  With three small kids, keeping the white smudge free was basically impossible. And, something else I didn’t consider was the home just felt really stark and steril.  Basically the exact opposite of the feel I was going for. So, I bit the bullet and tried some paint samples.  I realized that even if I was a few shades off white it warmed up the room while still giving it the crisp feeling.  Also, it made the white molding pop.

I also went way out of my comfort zone and did an accent wall. I was hesitant at first, but immediately after I was done I loved how the room felt complete….even though I still have a long way to go.

So far I am pretty satisfied with the way it’s coming together.

My accent wall is Behr: Hampton Surf and the other walls are Behr:  Subtle Touch.  I also decided, to save money, to paint myself.  It sure is a learning curve doing this the kiddos around.  More tips on that to come!

Here are a few pictures of my room and the inspiration pieces I found!

living room 1


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