Ode To Our Babysitters: Why We Have Them and How To Find Them

My kids love our babysitters. Matt and I  love our babysitters. Over the years we have been really lucky to find a few people we are so comfortable leaving our kids with. And we did. They are often our saving Grace when Friday night rolls around after a long week. Sometimes we just need a recharge and to be able to get out and go on a ‘date’ is what we really need.

I think every parent needs to do this on a regular (or at least semi) regular basis.

You might be rolling your eyes right now, thinking, I wish. They are way too expensive. I can’t find anyone to sit for us! I could never leave my children with a sitter.

Date nights are the best!

The answer is – yes you can. Simple as that. We all love our kids, but we were real live human beings before becoming mommy’s and daddy’s. I’m not saying you need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy dates every weekend….. go to the pub down the street and get a beer and share an appetizer! Go to a park for a hike! Go have dinner at Costo! You don’t need a reason to celebrate or a reason to get out. Enjoy doing something you love with the person you love.

These kiddos love their sitters.

Having regular babysitters we can count on puts our minds at ease. They know our routines, what’s expected of them and our kids are used to them (and loves them)! I’ve actually have my four-year-old try to push me out the door when his favorite sitter comes for the evening.

In my mind our sanity and having a happy marriage makes our home more peaceful and enjoyable.  Some people might think we are selfish to spend the time away from our kids, and spending money on ourselves…..but if we don’t have our marriage,  our house wouldn’t be a home.

He sleeps like this when our babysitter is there too.  Just takes a little getting used to!

Still wondering where you can find a babysitter? Here are a few ideas:

  • Join a local Facebook group in your area.  Often mom-related buy/sell/trade sites allow discussions.  Go ahead and ask for recommendations!
  • Call your local high school and ask if they have a posting board at their school.
  • ASK YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS……they might be holding out on their favorite babysitter…..just promise not to steal them every Saturday night.
  • Go to your gym and ask the people who work in your kid care room if they babysit- or know of anyone who does.

Once you find a sitter make sure to set expectations.  This will make both of you realistic in expectations.

  • Be up front about how much you are willing to pay.  Take into account if they will be watching TV after the kids go to bed for several hours…..or playing with them all day long.
  • Don’t be shy to make clear you expect your home to look like it does when you leave.  I’m not saying she needs to mop the floors (but that would be nice)! But, she should tidy up after herself and the kids.
  • Even if something seems obvious to you, it might not be to your sitter.  I do not allow visitors (ie- boyfriends) come over.  Or smoking.  To me it is obvious, but I make it clear.
  • Be thankful and appreciative so they want to come back! I always tell my sitter to help herself to anything in the fridge and make sure she knows our wifi password once the kids go to bed.

As always, I love hearing from you! Do you use sitters? Where did you find yours? What are your tips on making it go smooth?