Bumpdate: 33 Weeks!

I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going! Seven weeks from yesterday I will be having a c-section and get to meet our little girl!

FEELING: Still feeling pretty good for the most part! I have been having hip pain when I stay in the same position for too long.  Sleep is hit or miss.  I wake up several times a night. But, since I have had kids I don’t think I have ever slept ALL night long. I usually am up at least once for either the bathroom or making sure the kiddos are tucked in.

Other then my intense need for a nap almost EVERY day (one perk of staying home), I’m attributing feeling pretty good compared to this time in my last pregnancies to my working out 4-6 days a week.  Now…..this has REALLY slowed down.  I am more like 2-3 times a week.  And, honestly if I can get moving a few times a week I am happy with that. Most importantly I still feel strong and healthy.  Cardio is basically a thing of the past.  My lungs are so crowded by baby girl.  I will be happy when she drops a bit so I can take a deep breath!

WARDROBE: I have my ‘dress’ leggings and my ‘casual’ leggings…..I hope I’m not the only one! I mostly wear leggings, a cami and open cardigan or sweater. It has been super warm (ish) here in Michigan and I have been enjoying not having to squeeze myself into a winter jacket!

CRAVING: Junk food.  Sadly that is all I want.  I still love my smoothies, but I am really trying to reign myself in with everything I want to eat! I also don’t have much room (thanks to her squeezing my insides) so I have to eat small portions or I feel sick.

OVERALL: I am so excited and also a little nervous.  With so many things going on in our household: baby, getting ready to sell our house, and getting ready to move! I don’t have much time to worry. Charlie (4.5) is so excited to meet ‘sissy’.  I hope he still feels the same way if she wakes him up with her crying at night.  Henry (20) months has no idea what is going on.  He will kiss my belly and say baby….but I am not sure it is actually connecting.

Less then two months! Let the countdown begin!!

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Finding Your Confidence at the Gym

{This post contains affiliate links.  I only post products that I honestly love and use.  I hope that you love them too!}

I have been every basically every size you can buy since college.  I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with health, fitness and working out.

Finally at 35 years old I  cannot believe I am saying this, but I love to work out!!! I feel physically my best I have in years. Although I still have a ways to go, I love to see the progress I’ve made.  I feel amazing after a good sweat fest.   I love pushing myself when I don’t think I can, but then realizing that I can do it! And, major bonus points if I have soar muscles the next day! I have finally learned what it means to make good use of time in the gym.  And it’s not how fast and far you can run on the treadmill. I’ve talked in the past of why I work out (see that post here), and now here I am talking about how I do it with confidence.

In the past I was so self-conscious of trying out the weight machines, or asking a trainer for help on how to use something properly.  I thought that people were staring at me…..like:  who’s that girl who that girl? She better work a lot harder if she wants to see any results! Or: She looks ridiculous! She doesn’t even know how to use the TRX properly (more on that in another post).

I have realized something…..no one cares what you look like at the gym.

Everyone is so into what they are doing there is no time to look and judge others.  That, of course, is a general statement….there is always going to be a jerk or two.  But I chalk it up to them just having a bad day.

While I adore the cute, backless Lululemon tops that I see some women wear at the gym….that is just not me.  I think I would worry that everything was flopping out of place, rather then worrying about how fast I’m running.

The key to having confidence at the gym is feeling good about yourself.  Good or bad, that has a lot to do with what I am wearing.  If it fits well I’m not going to be constantly worried if my muffing top is showing.Support and proper coverage is what it’s all about.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces that me feel cute and comfortable.


I wear this brand of running shoes all the time. They are light, flexible and give me great support.  I cannot get my head wrapped around spending $200 on a pair….especially when I get a new pair every 8 months or so….(see the picture at the top ….I literally ran a hole in these).  And, score! They are on sale right now.  I’ll be ordering them this afternoon.


Athleta is one of my favorite brands.  It is super soft, there are a huge variety of sizes and washes really well.  I like this tank, because it has a built in bra. It is super supportive and really cute!


I can live in these leggings. And sometimes I think I do! I have several pairs and styles.  They don’t fade in the dryer and keep everything ‘tucked’ in.


I wear this top with leggings, jeans, when pregnant and not pregnant! It is my go-to for wearing after the gym and looking cute.  And, at 31 weeks pregant I can still wear it and rock my bump!

So, this seems to be my unofficial uniform for the gym (and life in general).  What are you’re favorite pics?

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Hospital List for C-Section Mamas

This spring I will have my third c-section.  At this point I feel like I might be some sort of a mama expert in this field.  No, it’s not the ‘easy way out’…..that is for another post, but there are a few things I like, being a type A personality.  With two older kids in the mix, I can figure out childcare ahead of schedule and wont potentially have to scramble to find someone in the middle of the night. And, the fact that I am a planner, at this point I know exactly what to put into my hospital bag!

While I think most of these items would be benificial for ANY mama in the hospital who just had a baby, these are essentials for c-section mamas.

Pre-Moistened Make-Up Wipes

After your c-section it is pretty difficult to get up and about in the first 24 hours after your surgery.  These wipes were excellent to help me freshen up and get the oil off of my face.  They made me feel a little more human and refreshed.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Removers, Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, 25-Count (Pack of 6)

Disposable Toothbrushes

Same story here. First thing in the morning I need to brush my teeth.  So, this just makes your life a little easier for a while.  While these toothbrushes might not have the exact same results of really brushing with toothpaste and water, it just freshens you up (especially if you have visitors coming)!



These were not around last time I was in the hospital, but I will be bringing it with me this time! I am a huge believer of the Yeti.  I like ice in my drinks (and love hospital ice……I’m not the only one, right)? The styrofoam cups provided at the hospital are okay, but the ice still melts too quickly.  You are not about to go venturing out looking for ice.  Seriously, this will keep your ice frozen all day.  It’s the little things.

Fold-Over Waistband Yoga Pants

You will NEED these.  The softer the better.  I like them, because they can be adjusted to fall on your waste where ever they make you feel comfortable. Probably high above your incision site. In normal life, you might be a low rider pants type of girl…..but now is not the time for fashion. These yoga pants are easy on….easy off…Lots of room (possibly get a size up).

Product Details

Under Eye Concealer

You will be tired.  And there will be a lot of pictures.  Just a little dab under the eyes and you will look like a new person! I’m not saying you should put a full face of make-up on (but feel free to do so)! I love this brand of under eye concealer.  It is inexpensive and works like a charm!

e.l.f. Concealer, Ivory, 0.11 Ounce


Why I Workout

I’ve always had a love/ hate relationship with working out. I’ve tried it all. Yoga, running, and spinning. You get the point. I’ve always based how good my workout was on the amount of calories burned and how much I was in pain the next day. Most of the time I hated it.

I never understood (or believed) the people who claimed running was ‘addictive’. I thought they were full of it. To me running was the absolute worst thing to do. Ever.

I wanted to be strong and healthy, but lets face it.  I’m vain.  I mostly wanted to look good.  No matter how hard I worked out, I was not losing the weight.  Something had to change.  The week before Easter I joined Weight Watchers and started tracking my food online. That’s when things started to click.

I also joined a new gym. This was big. I was intimidated. So much Lululemon and spandex! It had great childcare and a deal on personal training.  Something I’ve always wanted to do, but never got the guts up to take that step. Gulp.  The thought was terrifying.  Having a really fit person tell you what to do and force you to finish! I couldn’t just give up if it got too hard.

I have always said doing something that terrifies you can reap the best results.  So I did it. I signed on the line and handed over my credit card.

It started out hard. Like almost impossible hard. I sweated and swore a lot.  But my trainer just smiled and told me I could do it.  A push up….are you crazy?  Ten sit-ups (not crunches) in a row? Are you trying to kill me?

But I did it.  After a few months, I could do several push ups in a row.  I was starting to do things that I never thought I could do.  And, I didn’t hate looking in the mirror.  This was huge. Most days I started the morning at the gym with no makeup on and my hair up in a messy ponytail.  And…..I didn’t think I looked horrible! In my world, no makeup, wearing spandex, STARING AT A MIRROR DOING SQUATS….and not hating the reflection? HUGE accomplishment.

Me and my babybump.
Now, let’s also be real.  Sometimes when I am working out I see a woman next to me with a body I would KILL for…..I feel a little less than good about myself.  But, I need to remember that I see her there almost everyday.  She’s working hard for it too….and I’m also 20 weeks pregnant.  My mid-section looks a little less then desirable (in my opinion) at this stage. So I’ll give myself a pass on that for now.

In about four months I lost 22 pounds, went down two sizes, was able to run 1.5 miles without stopping and could do push-ups and plank for 45 seconds! And I’ve gained the confidence to push and not give up. This has not come easy….. but I didn’t give up. I could actually see my muscles on my biceps and triceps. And, maybe the best thing of all…..Charlie, my four-year-old, is so proud of me.  He keeps telling me how strong I am and ask me if he can see my ‘pipes’.

My ‘weapons’ of choice.
So, I may not be exactly where I want to be fitness-wise, but am a lot closer then I was a year ago. A few things that really kept me going was that I was paying for the training……If I was going to invest in myself I need to be true to myself. I didn’t want that money to go to waste.  The money really made me accountable for my actions. Second, I wanted to feel good about myself and be a healthy example for my kids.  We talk a lot about being strong and healthy at home, and I didn’t want to just talk the talk.

I’m not perfect. Far from it. I’ve got a long road to go….but it helps if you can run part of it and not hate the way your butt looks.